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this from time to time but there was something suspicious in nature. the investigators are not telling us why they were called out. but it is the fire department. you need to come out it is your scene. the homicide investigation unit is here. again we're still waiting for the public informational officer. >> a developing story will keep you updated thank you, will tran. and also there is a hot spot, george. >> sadly menlo park there are three left lanes that are blocked with a multi- vehicle accident. blocking bayshore traffic towards university but it is not impacting southbound this could be at least another 45 minutes. we could be looking at a significant backup. that could be really jamming of the northbound 101. and we're also looking at another problem on highway 92/san mateo bridge. this is on the approach. westbound. the three right lanes are blocked with an overturned accident. this is before the toll plaza. you can see traffic is light right now. it is backed up between industrial on the westbound direction. you can expect that through highway 92. this however, could be cleared
with fleet week. the america's cup, sporting events and jackie. you can give us an idea of what we can expect. >> there are going to be a lot of people! coming to different events. and i guess i will not take it personal that event a geddon.. did not get the thumbs up. however, there are going to be events for san francisco, golden gate park and 1 million people expected. this is video. and the big of course is the fleet week. through this week, and for the weekend we will see a host of other events. street fair is, let us take a look at the events of with tweak. for the entire event. with -- fleet week. and also the america's cup. and between chrisy field and a marina green. and the bluegrass festival at golden gate park. and the giants came at at&t park saturday, sunday. the castro street fair, the san francisco 49ers have tcandlestik park. about 1 million people are expected. there is even possibly more with the columbus day parade. and street fair is going on in north beach. and we do not want people to discourage people from attendance. it could be great for people to come out and enjoy.
-- investors are stating that the u.s. builders on construction are the fastest at its pace since 2008. this is further indication that the housing market is rising. >> we will have a live look at the opening bell coming up and about 15 minutes. rob black will be joining us at 6:45 a.m.. >> if the u.s. postal service hit is borrowing limit. this least agency >> the holiday pricing wars are on and we have heard that targets will match the prices with on-line competitors like amazon and wal-mart's. if target is stating that they would do this from november 1st thru december 16th. maybe this will save you some money if you can see that you can get it cheaper. we will take a break it is now 6:12 a.m.. >> here's a live look at walnut creek. it will be high and the highs will be about 90 degrees or may be warmer. we will be back with more details. >> tomorrow we may break some records for several areas. this is a record was set back end--it is already off to a pretty mild start. as we've taken out to satellite and radar we are contending with clear skies right now and high pressure is in con
tell us will? >> the firefighter received a cut hand from broken glass. he should recover but what is happening is that they took a break for a while and that forced to step back because the hot spots are a concern. they used so much water that it looks like a lagoon. you can see that this is covered with water and it started about 1:00 a.m. this morning. it took them more than 90 minutes about a hour and have to consider that the fire was under control. the firefighters believe that by then getting an early headstart there was still smoke coming from that attic and they did not think that it was to bed. once they realiz too bad. we talked about one fire fighter that was injured and it could have been six or more injured or even killed. >> we had one firefighter who was injured by glass and we did have a crew member on the roof when it was starting to collapse. they had to leave the roof to avoid falling in. this is an ailing shipbuilding and it is one of the middle businesses and we have to cut it off so it would not spread to o >> you conceive some of the owners of the place and
violent. >> even as time goes on throughout the day used of the of what happened it takes a lot to register what goes to your right. >> authorities again searching if you - out the window of the vehicle. certainly a long investigation head for police. >> thank you mike. >> starting tonight caltran will close down the san mateo bridge for repair . >> for good morning i have just got done talking to someone from cow try and his advisers take public transportation there is always the dumbarton bridge is not. you couldn't drive down 1 01 south to 37. you can see all of these cars--a shot from our cam 92,000 cars cross the san mateo bridge each day to take the cars office bridge and put them on another route, bay bridge, dumbarton bridge it could be hazardous as far as traffic is concerned. the dumbarton bridge is not as big as the salmon sail bridge. we asked him why are you choosing this weekend and next weekend to do it. why not a holiday weekend? >> holiday weekend generate a lot of traffic. we want to do as close as we could before the rainy season started. we do have the
&p was also down, they started to decline yesterday peaafter information that the u.s. economy still needs jobs and in economic return. the average is $4.29. for the bay area. prices continued to fall. >> american airlines could be on the brink of bankruptcy but they are hiring. the spokesperson saying that there will add 1500 flight attendants. in 2005 ordered pilots. 2500 pilots --. much more coming up on the kron 4 but let us take a live look from the golden gate. it is wet. we still have some sprinkles. san francisco looking at 54 degrees. warming up to mid 60's. >> parking sandy paddled jamaica with 80 mph wednesday afternoon. hurricane-sandy 70 percent of the island was without electricity. officials say that 1000 people were in shelters. once it left jamaica it made landfall in cuba overnight. strengthening. with category-no. 2 with 11 mph and even taking up the seas near fort lauderdale. >> i loved it. am visiting from connecticut. >> is awesome. >> the ocean rescue saying that these are dangerous. >> we are advising people not to go into the water. >> but we know that they are not
on the giants game. there is a special section on our web site and you can share your comments with us on our facebook page. before cold & flu season, help prevent with lysol disinfectant spray. and use the lysol no touch hand soap for 10 times more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health. >> welcome back to kron 4 news. president obama is live in tampa, florida. >> we cannot afford to go back to the same policies that got us into this mess. we need new policies that will give us are out of this mess and this is why i am running for a another term. >> the president just picked up a major endorsement from colen powell. >> an officer involved in a shooting in the mission district. about 1:30 a.m. an officer was shot at multiple times from a moving vehicle with three possible suspects in the inside. the officer was not hit all the bullets missed him and one of the suspects were caught and put under arrest. they are still looking for the other two. >> we are happy to give you our to story which is the giants victory in game one of the
that section on the whawebsite. came one, game 2. let us turn our attention to the weather with a great day, yesterday. and it is finally, dry. >> good morning and today is the first day that we are starting off with a decent conditions high-pressure is building in with warmer weather and mostly sunny. it is a bit the gusty in some areas but clear and sweet take a look from walnut creek. you will encounter some patchy clouds but plenty of sunshine to go around. 60s, 70's and later we will see cool with fair conditions and temperatures in the 60s. right now, we are waking up to 54 degrees in downtown san francisco. and san jose, oakland, 44 and concord we have 70's in store for the south bay. 76 degrees for los gatos. and a bit warmer you can say goodbye to the microclimate. we have 70's in berkeley. 60s in downtown san francisco and santa rosa at 75 degrees. daly city 60s for the afternoon and 71 degrees. in terms of your extended forecast we do have changes to talk about. the high- pressure coming in with more ouwarmer0r warm, conditions with another round of wet weather as we go for the
information was provided to us. and how about getting uin update. >> a gorgeous day. and some areas of dense fog. keeping that in mind with mostly cloudy conditions and slightly warmer. we do have a warming trend with even hot this week. but it looks pretty good for more baseball. the satellite and radar for the last several wars with high pressure. we see some high clouds the satellite however and the rider for the last several-- hours when the showing us some areas of dense fog. half moon bay only 2 mi. of visibility. and novato just one half mile and zero visibility in santa rosa. with futurecast the yellow indicating 70's. concord, livermore with a gorgeous day today and lots of sunshine. putting this into motion. by 8:00 p.m. temperatures in the '70s. and even 60s with a for a pleasant evening tonight 80s expected in cupertino heading to the east bay el maydoff eassa in alameda and hayward. mid 70's. going to the north bay. here is a look your kron 4 7 day around the bay warming up to stay in check out wednesday, 90 degrees. upper 80s for the bay and the coast but thursday is going to b
direction. you'll be met with that if you are using north on 1 01 to highway one. on our traffic maps still monitoring was down slowing at the altamonte pass. we do pick up some yellow on the roadway centers speeds averaging 45 mi. per hour. the northbound 101 coming out of the coyote valley. looks good. still monitoring and enjoying the green on those low voice center's top speeds. pretty much in 50 mi. territory are greater. james. >> 4:20 a.m. is a time a bay area team was denied the opportunity to become an eagle scout after he came out as being gay. skiplanes 2% a petition best-he plans to present a petition. the leader refused andersen's troop to signed paperwork and the team needed to earn him with a resolution of support. a top santa clara county health care ministration has been charged with illegal trading for the corruption and drug for cash. he was a pediatrician but allegedly will prescription for commonly abused drugs like cox the cotton. he has been charged with 18 felonies including possession of methamphetamine prescribing boycott a castro never looked store in san francisc
to be difficult, to say the least. however, let us get the latest with johand janu -- >> good morning, james with mostly sunny skies and cooler temperatures. we will see that cooler range of temperatures come in, later. we will seek similar temperatures with the fog is expected to peeled back. with sunshine it this afternoon. and the fog will return for this evening. 50s through san jose, oakland and santa rosa. 57 degrees through the livermore valley. the afternoon high is going to look a bit cooler. with upper 70's perhaps mid 70's and low 70's. through los gatos, cupertino, evergreen. and near the east bay inland about mid 70's through antioch. concord. and through a san leandro and along the coast. perhaps if you degrees warmer than yesterday. and an mid-60s for san francisco. and for this afternoon with your kron 4 7 day around the bay cooling into your weekend. and a chance of showers as we start the work week. and traffic with erica. >> good morning. so far, just a handful of cars on the bridges going towards the toll plaza with no metering lights to deal with. the westbound, the east
brown has stepped in. authorizing the sale for the winter blend. speaking of, let us get h check of the weather. >> good morning. we will see some moderate wind and the gusting of 20 m.p.h.. more on that coming up. we are tracking a low pressure system still how the potential for some raindrops. i have been looking at the latest computer models. it is a 20 percent chance that we are tracking. south of the golden gate. from san francisco. to the east we could see some moisture. with some pretty spotty temperatures at best. we will be tracking that and let us take a look at futurecast. these two colors on your screen showing these portions of the south bay where records 70's. as repressed towards this evening. all of that blue is indicating where we will see the 50s. with neighborhood by neighborhood and temperatures will be a little bit cooler than this weekend. a mixture of sun and clouds. 68 degrees expected in sunnyvale. 72 degrees expected in los gatos. and the east bay areas. 72 in livermore. 70's to walnut creek with low 60s through san leandro. and alameda. 60s with downtow
being with us! [ crowd cheering ] plasplau and the morning of this thursday october 9, 2012 retaking alive live from our rubicam. watching the weather here as it continues to develop its cooler and cooler by the day. will it the latest of a forecast of air coming up but we do want to begin with the latest on the pain on the pump. the price and telephone has inched up another opinion e w-1showers to the bay area. right now we do have some costa fault to conteting in the '50s. in the afternoon hours will see a mix of sun and clouds we do have the potential for some wet weather. for those of us will be dried looks like temperatures could climb into the low seventies and as we transition into the evening hours mostly cloudy conditions. we still have that potential for wet weather. here's a look at your current conditions step in and out the door 58 right now in downtown san francisco 57 like in of an oakland. concord at 53 degrees. by 3:00 p.m. and again only contending with 2: schussing at green yellow on your screen. that green represents '60s to the heart of the bay 74 and an
37 can be used as an alternate route. james. >> an update on a suspicious fire in castro valley. investigators said a woman found dead found in her home was beaten to death. fire officials investigators said the fire was meant to cover ft. tall. had the dark spiky hair and was wearing dark clothing. they are describing this as a horrific crime. >> eye care rises crime is one of the most violent crimes i have witnessed in my 15 years and the sheriff's office. the surviving victims of deceased victims and investigators in shock while they work to this investigation and deal with violence of the situation. >> investigators said the suspect also stole the victim's car. the vehicle was found later that day in the area. they also try to figure out how the suspect got into the home and say he may have a connection to the castro valley area. and let you know when we find out more. >> investigators say the arrest are in connection to a january shooting in which one person was killed and four others were hurt. there could be some relief on the way for an understaffed oakland police the ca
one of us to go home. >> at 10: 0 7:00 a.m. it is an early came here around the bay. the giants looked to clinch it all up. we will see what goes on again the winner moves on the loser goes home. >> all eyes on bay area baseball today. >> kind of weird weather today and find out what's in store. >> we will continue to see scattered showers this morning and into the afternoon. tapering off into the evening we will see the fog build a long coast. the system is spinning off that hit a sister day and it is still bringing scattered showers. we will continue to keep those 10th chance of showers throughout the afternoon. looking up to most in mid '50s san francisco, san jose. 57 currently in livermore. we're expecting more health centers in the afternoon. 73 for antioch. the upper 50s along the coast this afternoon. in in the north bay we are expecting low much in the way of company at the incline. traffic was very well out what foster city at the golden gate bridge and live look shows southdown 101 this problem free no issues with visibility. over to our traffic maps 586 interchange no accid
that they were mixed and because of the large equipment that was used to dig. the men that were convicted of four murders were suspected of killing a dozen women during the 1980's and 90's were high on methamphetamines. the city has apologized for a botched job. taking a loss left at this station and casino we wondered if the gas prices would go above $5 and it passed. you can see $5.39 a gas. i say why would you go for that high when the average price is not near that. the latest in san francisco's $4.32 a gallon in san jose. $4.65 also. we are saying things go down by a penny. we will talk with mike pelton about gas prices at 6:30 a.m.. >> vice president joe biden and paul ryan are facing off tonight in the first and only vice-presidential debate. with just 25 days until election day they will take the stage in danville ky. a poll shows the latest fighting tightening up here. coming up later this morning at 815 are political expert will be joining us and studio to tell us what we can expect from tonight's debate. he can watch said on on interrupted at 0247 news channel comcast 193 or digital 4.
. >> kron 4 urs will train and join us now. they will pick rained it really hard until about 25 minutes ago. they will have to push all the water from the infield to the drainage system. everything looks good to go 11 hours from now. we are waiting for the crowd to arrive. they will rotate shoe from the boardwalk but you still can get a look from the right field. there's only one place on- line that you probably can still go to find ticket about 5000 tickets left and they range from 3000 to $8,000. of course these prices will change throughout the gais at. >> i would like to know where they thousand dollars will buy you? >> i think that this is a lot of money to pay but a lot of people from corporate may be able to pay this. these are private cellars and they can offer and add any price that they want. >> and you can do this for free so you get to stay for those hole ending? >> and you can stay for boththit giving you a chance to see them. we expect the crowds to be here probably 10 hours before the first pitch. when it is freed this is a great place to be. >> one of the biggest challenges
released. let us check with the weather. to see if that cool down is going to begin. the inland area are hot. >> correct i went to daly city. and yesterday i was thinking upper 50s but it reached 86 degrees. everybody was in the same boat. however, let us take a look the weather headlines. it is a clear start to the morning. with cloud coverage along the coast. at other than that, a warmer start with the '60s and '70s as we fourth go towards this afternoon sunny and warm. in fact it depends on when the sea breeze will kick on if it gets later. there could be eight other beach day with mid-70s for some of the coast areas around the bay. off certainly, after that fog dissipates 60s. and a 77 degrees in antioch. '70s in daly city. it is a relatively warm start. still contending from that yesterday's heat. the upper 50s in vallejo mid-60s in downtown san francisco. the futurecast showing by lunch, cooler than yesterday. with the '70s and '80s. as we go for this afternoon just a few areas are in the '90s. livermore, concord and places like morgan hill. you see pleasanton, 90 degrees. expe
style just may bring relief. those are the doctor's orders, thanks for being with us. >> bottoms up! this is the bay area's new station. kron 4 news at 4:00 a.m. start now. >> good morning is friday october 12th we will begin this morning with some news out of the south bay. police are investigating a shooting at the 1700 block of rogers in san jose. no word on a suspect this bork's the city's--who will bring you a live report in 10 minutes. firefighters in san francisco are battling a one alarm fire in the mission district reported shortly after 2:00 a.m. this morning. just off the intersection of michigan and volunteers street spher >> and the tidetroit tigers to plead and beg small game with the oakland a's >> it was a great season. i lost my voice is exciting. >> do you still believe in the tape. >> most definitely nobody expected anything like this it was amazing. an amazing run. i enjoyed the ride >> how can you be angry who would have thought that would of cotton this are so i'm nothing but happy it is what came back and they always did a good thing you're not going to win it
for floats and it. we are worried and we asked if we can have two extra days and they told us know. >> he stated that if you missed out on the 2010 parade you will not want to miss out. they stated that they will outdo what happened that time. our coverage for kron 4 will be at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we will have kron 4 urs extended coverage on air but it still may impact the tricker treaters. you will still need your jacket. >> we will take a quick break at 6:27 a.m.. this is a live shot at the san francisco airport where we are seeing delay after delay and cancellation after cancellation due to the problems out east. super storm sandy is making its way around new york, maryland and new jersey. we have millions of people without power this morning and we will be following the storm for days to come. >> welcome back it is 6:29 a.m.. >> it looks like the rain that we are expecting for tomorrow when we'll impact everyone that is expected to blo go tricker treating. the rain will approach from the north bay first and then i will have before forecasts in the next report. >> san mateo br
here between the two freeways. this is used where traffic begins to slow but it takes awhile for to back up here. drive times are typically 14 minutes in the northbound direction it is already over 25 minutes heading out of the coyote valley. >> it is this bad in jammed packed. >> this will be a residual backup for some time. we always talk about slow traffic right here. these of the places where always backs out but that is usually an hour from now. we are racing all lands affected. this is going to affect the guadalupe parkway. people are already starting to use interstate 280 to head out to highway 85. you can also use a 80 >> >> the big news this morning is the giants are hitting the road in just a couple of hours. they are heading to st. louis with a win under their belt. the series is tied with the cardinals won to one. jackie sissel is live at at&t park this morning. >> i am waiting for the team because they will come here to at&t part in just a couple of hours. from here they will take off in travel to st. louis for game 3. let's get back to game 2. people were wonder
. she says her neighbor's son used a magnet on the rock and a to just stuck together. what a cool fine. >> the time now for 3:00 p.m. on your tuesday morning we are tracking a storm to start off your day. he is a look at your whether in traffic with erica. >> the storm trackers 4 dry for the majority of the bay earea. a lot of this wet weather has pushed his way through to the central valley still dealing with residual showers moderate at time for milpitas, sunnyvale and down in san jose. it could be coming down relatively heavy in some spots. hazardous conditions driving along the 1 01 and the southern tip of the 880 corridor. we will see partial clearing but the potential for some light thunderst as we head into the afternoon. later on this evening will be dry but rain is approaching yet again. by wednesday will will be waking up to on and off showers once again expected to last drop dead. it looks like we could see some residual rain as we head into thursday as well. >> taken a look here temperatures chile in out of 49 degrees. over in pleasanton 53. san mateo 48. as we check out wh
petaluma's santa rosa 81. downtown san francisco and around 74 degrees. many of us will be above the average high. your kron 7 day of from the bay for crass things warm-up for wednesday and thursday. thursday will feel like checking any hot spot is a pretty quiet ride from the bay area. the bay bridge toll plaza just a few cars out there. no problems with the metering lights you see traffic flowing freely. again traffic is moving wolfram of the approaches that drive under nine minutes toward the foot of the maze. >> we ar--golden gate bridge or cried southdown 101 no issues with visibility. no accident for those of you coming out of marin county. >> here on our traffic maps still sing green coming down the east shore freeway again the dumbarton bridge is a nice and easy ride no problems on the approach coming down the nimitz freeway i want to remind everyone that the san mateo bridge will be closed friday beginning at 10:00 p.m. stretching all weekend long scheduled to reopen monday morning at 5:00 a.m.. it >> aliya showed the race is nearly deadlocked. the address itself to step
will talk to gary radnich who will show us what they are selling. teachi >> thanks a lot will. >> we will have more from the game. the giants won up early from--he had some great help and the giants went up one to nothing. the in the winning nine to one. >> the reason why we can go and relaxed is because the team--i'm barry grateful for the fans and the coaching staff. >> i felt like this was our game and our pitchers had did an outstanding job. i have not been out there very much but we have been playing great baseball. >> can you believe that you will be playing in the world series and a few days? will be playing in the world series and a few days? >> i we will be right back. thirty-eight. schools. trouble, we all should help out. under thirty-eight they do. more a year. bucks. money for schools. every school dollar must be... spent on student learning. student wins. vote yes on thirty the arteries of your dishwasher are constantly clogging up with grease and lime scale. use finish dishwasher cleaner every month to keep your machine in sparkling health. for shining results, finish
the morning everyone time james fletcher. thank you for joining us. what a game it was on watching. the series dominated by pitchers' game for with the back the point that ought to play. the giants struck first the second inning with hunter parents.ence. >> the tiregers did not wait to respond. given the tigers a 21 lead. buster posey responded with a to run shot of his own. his home run made it 3-2 giants in the bottom of the sixth. the bellman young tied the game with a homeerun of his town. sergio romo closed things out. with the world series sweep on the line he was looking for the final out and the world series championship. game for starting pitcher matt cain credits entire team for a coming together when matter the most. >> a lot of guys were loose and relax. it seemed like all the pieces fit together. a lot of us had same mentality about the game. be able to work together and our guy stepped up big. that was helpful. >> was one of those things that announced the time when we are having on. relax out there. do our thing, but the pressure on. day-by-day game by game. >> it is
. two fishermen fell off their votes and chopper was in the air using night-vision technology to to search for those missing man. started to say a total of four were flown in the water when she bowed capsize. two of four people manage to swim to safety. >> with the coast guard choppers hovering above family members download joined in on the search for two missing men lost at sea. >> the boat the men were on capsized and then washed up on a remote beach about 20 mi. south of half moon bay. >> minor this and so sad. i want my husband to come back. >> coast guard said the boats were flipped of around 1130 sunday morning all four men were thrown into the water to a man apparently had lifejackets and swam to shore. authorities say thank and the other missing man did not have life jackets. >> we still have hope that he is alive. we just hope the coast guard's to continue to search. >> the coast guard kept a chopper up all night. they also had a boat n jet ski searching for the missing fishermen. >> the family said the four men got on the boat and left the san francisco area around 6
is uncomfortable throwing him for a loop. >> much more on politics coming up. let us turn our attention with weather, f traffic. >> good morning. we are looking at decent conditions but not quite that cool down. with low clouds and fog and breezy. we could see that it is along the coast. those clouds are expected to come right back and. tracking that on fog tracker 4. with clouds right now and it will clear out but by 10:00 a.m. still along the coast. and making its way into the overnight hour. with temperatures in the 60s in san francisco. san jose, oakland. and 59. currently to the livermore valley. and starting in the south bay. 80s and los gatos and for the missmost portion 60s with 70's for san jose. the inland areas could see more of 80s but upper 70's for walnut creek. 70's for the east bay shore. and low 60s for ocean beach. and into the north bay mid 70's. as we take a look your kron 4 7 day around the bay we will see a cool down. a, because some she costa.and mid- >> would not have any hot spots to called about. they could drive so far with no accidents. in fact you can see ea
over the last two weeks. since the mother posted the petition on the internet bv and none of us see his sexual orientation. the boy scouts to admit that in this and some of the ship was revoked because he is gay following the policy prohibiting a members. the family hopes the widespread support will spurn the local troops to challenge the organization's anti-gay policy. >> the so-called for version files were released after a court battle stretching back decades. the files offered an unprecedented look at how the scouting organization handled molestations from the early 1960's to the mid '80s. the loss and less time to map the incidents and they cover all a few on populated parts of the country. one of the victims' says he was molested by his assistant scoutmaster in oregon. >> thinking about it makes me angry because how could you do that to somebody. how could you bring yourself to do that t all3 mistakes were made but insist they are in the forefront for the fight against child abuse. >> will take a break it is for 20 3:00 a.m. we will be right back. 0ñ@Ñ in national moods new deta
is offensive. that is not what we do. for us not by u.s. president that's not what i do as commander in chief. >> secretary of state hillary clinton has said she takes for responsibility for what happened but president obama noted as commander in chief he to there's som shows 4f voters who watched last night's debate said the present one showdown. 39 said that s-39 percent said that mitt romney did the better job. the poll only reflects the view of the voters who watched the debate not the views of all americans. >> at temple nightclub in san francisco hundreds gathered to support the president in every time he interrupted our challenge romney for his economic plan folks in the crowd a big chair. many said the president redeem it didn't w see it again we have for you on our website kron 4 .com. could also join our discussion can tell us who you think one can go of the good and bad points you can share that on our facebook and page. >> coming up at 8:15 a.m. kron for analysts will break down what happened last night. >> the san francisco giants play today in st. louis cardin the next three in
will be pretty similar to what we saw yesterday. >> us second look at satellite and radar. we are picking up some light showers with a peninsula places like mountain view and palo alto. sen on the ro-cache 57 hayward as we take those numbers into the afternoon close ties breakdown semele to what we saw yesterday. 72 expected in sunnyvale. it will see sp be in the upper 60s at best mid- 70s around the back up if this were the coast will continue with the pattern of morning fog and afternoon sunshine. a warm- up as we transition into the weekend. in the traffic center not monitoring any hot spot a great ride out there. nothing to slow you down. take it outside to the a " approaching bay bridge toll plaza. again no contains less additives those additives help produce cleaner air. is a little bit cheaper. this does not think our air quality will suffer and short-term. >> we probably will contain over the $4 and mark. we will probably came a lot in the next three to four days. >> the price of gas was taught to drop by the weekend because it takes a few days for that to glenn to hit the market took in
the international cycling unit has decided not to challenge the u.s. agency sanctions against lance armstrong. lance titles will be stripped from him. he will be banned for life and sanctioned exports. let's take a look outside as we have the golden gate b work around it as a set of for your monday morning commute. >> and good morning to you james a safe to say you will need your umbrellas to out the day into tomorrow and wednesday as well. solomon trucker for lick of this morning. a lot of the wet weather is north of the baby bridge . moderate to heavy rain but zoom in here focus on the north bay it can see showers passing through novato-on the 1 01 interchange. currently running of the richmond san rafeal bridge. some spotty showers in downtown san francisco stretching as far south as pacifca right now. will certainly need your umbrellas to out the date. rain release schedule for the peak of our morning commute looks like into the afternoon we could see partial clearing. we could see a mix of sun and clouds later this afternoon some spotty showers local coast and the north bay. looks like we could
a visitor's pass to see your child. 10 days ago there is a 20 romanic use of going on to campus in to the bathroom place his hand over nine year-old girl's mouth and try to drag her away from the school. she was kicking and screaming and throwing rocks at him. she made her way back to campus and police arrested him. they also believe he is responsible for similar incidents at two nearby schools. the parents were outraged wondering how this could possibly happen. the school notify the parents as to what exactly was going to be done. today is the first day that they're going to do this. anyone with preschool kids are kids that arm 5 and under their expecting the school to be closed down. there are no openings at the school. parents will be writing about a half an hour from right now. the parents were outraged and we will be hearing from the principle of around 9:00. >> the trial begins today in oakland for the woman accused of killing bay area nursing student michelle lay. investigators say it as the bonn blamed late for ruining her relationship for with her daughter's father. bot
. >> i use that term with all respect. >> if you repeal obamacare, i have become fond of the term obamacare, if you repeal it, what happens is those seniors right away will be paying $600 more in prescription care. primary beneficiary of that repeal are insurance companies that are estimated to gain billions of dollars back. >> our seniors depend on these programs. i know any time we talk about entitlement people become concerned that something will happen to change their life for the worse. the answer is neither the president nor i are proposing any changes for current retirees or near retirees either to social security or medicare. >> reporter: energetic debate in denver between mitt romney and president obama. according to a nationwide poll, 2/3 of the people who watched the first debate think that the republic con romney won the show down with the democratic presidential. vice presidential candidates set to square off next week in kentucky. >> let's turn our attention to weather and forecast with the forecast. >> good morning. that fog is certainly back but the good news is we
with us as we continue to follow in the developments. >> this fatal sho stabbing is the first homicide in san jose since august. it sought eight killings and one month. this is the 34 t h, side this mont. police were called to the scene after 1:00 a.m. there were as many as 30 people involved in a roadside brawl. the motive is not clear. one man was fatally stabbed. >> there were approximately 30 people. weather it was a brawl. it is still not determined. but there were substantial amount of people and investigators are combing through and talking to people who are present. and at present we are asking for people to come aboard if they were present. >> the name of the adult book and has not been released. it is not--the name of the adult victim has not been released. we have still more headlines with the latest on the patent battle between aapple and samsung. >> welcome back. let us update you with a tech news. apple is suing samsung and no samsung is suing a couple. here in california, after the telephon iphone 5----this was filed in california. that the iphone infringers on eight of
to use your windshield wipers it will be more like a spray. some of our north areas. we do not have the dance line of like yesterday's. no issues with visibility. we will barely see the sun shine. big changes later this evening we could have some rain and the forecast. full details coming up in just a bit. taking a look at tinters. mid-50s there could vallejo. 57 redwood city. the temperatures will go to the afternoon and will gain about 8-10 degrees not much fluctuation in the forecast. upper 60s for fairfield concord. 66 and pleasanton. low 60s downtown san francisco. for those of you going to the victory celebration that parade should be tried but it will be a chilly one. you will need your giants local apparel. upper 50s low '60's at best. mostly cloudy dry and cool conditions. everyone going trick or treating woman their raincoats or an umbrella. a cold front associated with the storm system by 6:00 p.m. tonight you will see the rain starts to reach the north bay. the yellow on your screen indicates moderate to heavy rain for santa rosa. it will continue to go south as we get i
for the us pipeline explosion. it killed eight people and damaged a lot of homes. yesterday's ruling means that the negotiations against peak and she will be held behind closed doors. they will hold a news conference on october 15th to fight the suspension to keep the hearings opened to the public. >> the state reached a settlement which is self and of life policies. a 2008 audit found that they failed to pay death benefits. even though they did have proof to show that the people had actually died. >> a cleanup effort is underway this morning after an anti afghanistan march turned into a vandalism spree. take a look at the damage and we have plenty of video that shows how much needs to be fixed. on the plaza some of the residents voiced their frustrations and the rioters basically destroyed public property. what sense was this to make for them to do this. you c&ptht and in world news north korea is stating that the u.s. mainland is end range of the missiles. they stated that the war may be in knighted to the north. an unidentified spokesperson said that they are boosting their military. >>
reporter is standing by given us the latest information as far continues to burn. >> the fire religious broker the top of this cafe and you could see the flames are coming out the top of the scott and gobble, cafe there a three ladders you can see one spring water. the flames broke and the top the 63 alarm fire all of the trucks and some of the fire crews are watching their comrades and colleagues put water on the fire to control the blaze. you concede this firefighter pouring water on it it has been going on for more than an hour. crews on sing in the past few minutes additional fire lines have he plans and the fire breaking through the top just in the past few minutes even if you do not live here this is something that could affect you all day. >> you can see it is completely shut down the west portal. one of the trains pulled over to lead about 75 to 100 people off the train. streets are shut down eve rs >> look at your live shot in golf looks fully engulfed. >> there are three different ladders up item of you can see behind the smoke there is another ladder coming in from the back.
in the upper 50s for the victory celebration. right now it is fog the outside and you will need to use your wind shield wipers. we are expecting white span of rain and are walking through and how it will impact how wing. >> i halloween. >> the two right lanes were blocked but they have been cleared. >> the parade to honor the world series champions the san francisco giants will be coming up. the crews have been working around the corclock to get things ready. city officials are stating that you should take public transit because they will have streets blocked. >> i can tell you what a difference an hour makes. there's still people honking and hollering at each other because the traffic is picking up. it is already difficult because the bear case that are out. there are streets thenormally make that t security guards are making sure that you are not crossing areas such you should not cross. i am at the beginning of mission and stored in nicosia flatbed truck here. this is where the flows will start together.ats will start togethe while they make their routes to the civic center that will be
>> and thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning. we are tracking the amazing days. this is the biggest game of the year for them. will have a live report from the coliseum coming up. >> five people have been killed and oakland and we will talk about a tip system that the police have in place. >> in firefighters are battling a three alarm house fire. the fire is on the 29th block of bethany ave. let's go right out to the scene. it looks like firefighters are still there. >> in at this point james it is just a fire watch. the ceiling had did collapse and it calls had a lot of pockets with hot spots. let's show you some video that will show you parts of the house. there are a lot a trees so it is hard for you to see. this will show you how damaged the house is and that when firefighters arrived they saw a lot of smoke and a lot of fire on the back of the home. they were able to get end and no one was there all the occupants had escaped on their own. one was wheelchair bound and he was saved. they stated that the selling did collapse and that it was pretty challenging.
has a bit of a wet deck you may need to use arantxa wipers. no delays to speak of other than that out marin county. have crews prepared a parade at civic center plaza. instead of the financial district the parade will start at the foot of market street also a large video screen will hang at civic center plaza to broadcast. the mayor promised that it would be great. >> we have a very well organized approach. we are creating a family friend the event for everyone to participate. we want to pay attention to everyone's safety. i think it is deserving of a million people celebrating each and every one of the people not only the team members the homtt they expect a million people to attend the celebration. that is a lot of people packed in a small space. >> fought again the victim or a parade for the sentences code sizes at 11:00 a.m. kron 4 will cover the victory parade starting at 10:00. you have extended coverage on our web site kron 4 .com. the time is 4:08 a.m now for a quick check of the market in new york stock exchange was closed yesterday it will remain closed today due to sandy. t
are planned and that he does not intend to want people to use this the wrong way. >> the time now is 6:27 a.m. we will take a look at wall street numbers and the latest form and your traffic. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. >> investors are watching this morning due to the dow dropping. >> speaking of warmewalter we do have lowater we do have a lot of it. >> in actually i drove over at about 4:00 a.m. this morning. the water was getting off of the road relatively okay. there was not a lot of pounding this .nn dry at least to when i came in this morning but now it is a different story. and expect this to be from--it is currently running over the san mateo bridge and it is pushing as well over to the south bay. within the next 30 minutes the entire south bay should be dealing with some type of brain to some degreerain. we will see
and from fence in support of the giants perriyou continuous to us on our facebook fan pa follow the giants in their quest to capture the world series championship. >> we are watching hurricane sandy will have a live look from south florida. a tropical storm when for the florida coast. the storm is about 300 mi. off to the east out over the bahamas right now. with the tropical storm warning in effect winds over 40 mi. per hour. here's video from fort lauderdale shots in the outer bands of hurricane center in the florida coast. everyone watching the storm to making its way northward. and this week 21 people have died across the caribbean in jamaica, haiti, cuba. some major damage in cuba. you'll watch will have on the east coast the storm makes its way to the north. they aren't labeling this frakenstorm. it now gives the storm as a category one hurricane and brings it on shore and the south jersey shore by early tuesday morning. we will also have a cold weather storm dropping in from the northeast which will be tat the schreen. upper 60s coast side in the green takes over as we head into a 8
a case that challenges the use of full body scanners at the airport. the supreme court refused hear an appeal that challenged the csa and their use of scanners. they are going to hear cases on a range of issues such as same-sex marriage, voting rights, and abortions. >> a second american airlines incident, there could be a possible issue with certain seats. the and 747 will be inspected but no injuries were reported from those seats. there'll be a $100 fee for people who need to check their carry-on luggage at the gate. the sea has been set high on purpose to discourage people from waiting till the last minute. checking the back in advance will caugh will cost ony $20. >> guard a cell has been determined to be safe. concerns over the safety of the vaccine exxon over the fda approved it in 2006. duracell has been deemed safe for children as well as young as 12. it is also approved for boys to get the vaccine. >> is a clear shot of the bay bridge right now on antioch's 60 degrees. we're looking for high temperature of 98 this afternoon. but >> we're watching wall street the dow was up
like for you to share your pictures with us on our facebook page. we excitement. it took 50 years and now we have a another one. this is a major accomplishment. >> watching the met the storm that's making its way to the east coast. hurricane sandy will affect 50 million people in the east coast. this storm is moving from 80 mi. per hour. the evacuations are in the way for new york city and the subway is shut down. wall street is also closed today. this is atlantic city and this casino and shutdown along the coast. i have a satellite butte to show you. view to show you. the snow from this storm will only be in that appellations. there have been 65 deaths due to this form in the caribbeanstorme caribbean. >> people are reporting wind gust and sandy is expected to strengthen within the next 24 hours or so. this is why we are worried about sandy's path. this will basically bring a lot of wins and rain in parts of the new jersey shore. we are really watching this is a very large system and we are talking about i reno last year but sandy is much more bigger. >> the storm surge could get
is speaking out about his son's death being used in the campaign speeches. >> the situations led up to the attack will be investigated and are bent being objectively considered. democrats are shovelinrugging off accusations that president obama deliberately covered up the events of that day. the ministration is accused of knowing within 24 hours that the benghazi act was a core a native of salt and wanted people to think they had dismantled al qaeda and refused to release the information. >> if the time is 627 tam do not go away. we are monitoring what happens on wall street with three minutes away from the opening bell. and we're back is 6:30 a.m. there your the opening bell sounded for the new york stock exchange and the nasdaq. will be visiting with rob black coming up in about 10-12 minutes. will break down what is going on on wall street and we think the market will be headed today. >> want to get caught up on whether an traffic george for a hot spots. >> an accident have confirmed with caltran it is the center line that is blocked to cars. one of the vehicles was reported faci
at the beginning of a backup in and of the metering lights have yet to be activated. apparently it is to be with us until the metering lights are turned on in a few minutes. your quick commute check shows a easy laugher most bay area freeways but it's already had it on interstate 580 and on highway 4. darden. >> as prices of still going up up up in the bay area. the average of san francisco is four. 73 and brought the bay area. the london r.e.m. that's what i tell people-- >> your approval the became more you can see people filling up this morning not very happy i did not see one smile as they were slipping in their credit cards into the place so they could pay. if you are in sentences, you talked about the average take a look of your screen. $4.73. last week we were paying $4.27 that of 465 and just in that city. $4.67 across the bridge last week it was $4.80. in oakland a jump of 495 compared to seven to school. and in san jose its hostile $4.67. $4.20 last week the governor realizes what's going on he is asking the california air resources board to tell the refineries to start producing the wint
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